Exotic Animal Seminars

Escondido, CA 92025


Our mission is simple.  We want to provide practical information, about relevant diseases and procedures, in the common exotic species the general practitioner is likely to see.  We know it all sounds like an oxymoron.  Here it is again . . . we want you to take home information you can use the very next day in exotic species you often see.  No toucans, no ground squirrels, no komodo dragons but we will discuss cockatiels, guinea pigs and bearded dragons.  Let's make it fun too!  We plan to host the events in interesting places, provide information on what there is to see and do and maybe even plan a gathering or two.  Oh, and bring your family. Here's a picture of mine!


Brian Mendez, BVMS

Exotic Animal Seminars

Our Decree, Edict, Mandate . . . Mission Statement!!!

We are here to meet your continuing education needs

  • Relevant species, relevant topics

  • Information you can use tomorrow

  • Lectures held in many cities throughout the country

  • Lectures by Boarded Exotic Animal Practitioners

  • Small group classes

  • Speakers available to answer your questions

  • Fun and interesting locations

  • Shorter days so you can enjoy the host city

  • Family friendly

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